Go ahead… ask me anything!

What is Big Bash Photo?

We are a children’s party photography company for the Washington, DC metropolitan area… which is Northern Virginia, Montgomery County Maryland, Southern Maryland, and ofcourse, the DC proper.

Who’s the photographer?

That’s me!

I’m TC Coffey, a full-time professional photographer and the owner of Big Bash Photo, LLC.

There’s also my hubby, Steve. He’s the cute assistant / second shooter / video guy.

Where can I see samples of your work?

Check out my kids party photography portfolio.

So, tell me about yourself?

I’m a military wife with a Retired USAF husband and we have 2 kids.

Where do you shoot?

We shoot on-location. We go where the party is!

What kind of photographer are you?

I’m an event photographer specializing in children’s parties… which include birthday parties, holiday parties, school class parties, and playdates.

Really? That’s all you shoot… kids’ parties?

Yep, that’s what I’m here for. I choose to specialize in such a small niche to enhance and optimize my quality of service in the only genre of photography that I love to photograph. I do it because I’m a party girl and I love kids.

And cake!

Why should I hire a pro when my Uncle Bob will do it for free with his big camera?

How important to you is the feeling you’ll get 13 years from now when you look at photos of kiddo celebrating his 5th birthday? How much do you value photography? If you feel strongly about documenting your child’s big day then you and your guests should not be running around shooting pics. You have enough to stress about on that day.

No offense to Uncle Bob, but does he have experience photographing kids… happy, fast-moving, sugar-high kids? Will he climb a tree to get the shot? Sit in a muddy puddle to wait for a smile? Crawl an hour on his knees chasing a 2-year-old superhero? Birthday party photographs are as valuable and keepsake-able to me as wedding photographs (if not more!) and I shoot them as such.

You put a lot of time, talent, and money (and Pinterest ideas!) into designing fun, unique, and memorable parties for your kids. A pro has the eye and the tools to document the details of your efforts as well as the true essence of the day. You and Uncle Bob are part of your child’s big day. How are your future generations gonna see the love on your face if you’re not in the picture? Your kids want you and Uncle Bob in their photos!

And anyways… my camera can beat up your Uncle Bob’s camera :p

What’s your photographic style?

I’m a photojournalistic storyteller. I love color, movement, and emotion. I shoot to tell the story of an event. And I’m shooting to document that story for that child’s future great-grandchildren. Which is one of the reasons why I shoot for print… specifically albums.

I shoot to engage you, make you smile, make you feel like you were there or, at least, make you sorry you missed the party. I capture feelings, connection, and reality. I strive to make images that don’t need any words to explain what’s happening in the scene.

I’m not a fan of posed children or forced smiles. I’ll do what I have to do to get the shot but I won’t force a child’s emotion. I like to let kids do what they do best… be cute! That’s easy for children. Nobody has to tell them how to do that.

Are you strictly a natural light photographer?

I’m a professional photographer.

I have the expertise and the equipment to photograph in all types of lighting environments from bright sunlight to low light to funky light to no light.

No, really, now tell me about yourself.

I’m a Nikon girl…

My favorite color is blue…

I’m a USAF veteran…

I like to give people silly nicknames (no, Spanky, it’s not because I can’t remember your name!)…

My favorite books are any written on the history of the English Monarchy…

I’m a closet-genealogist-wanna-be… which means…

My favorite TV shows are Who Do You Think You Are? and Finding Your Roots.

Oh, and did I mention I love cake?

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