Little girl in a Wonder Woman kids costume

Children’s Halloween Costume Storyboard – Loudoun County VA Kids Photography

Little girl in a Wonder Woman kids costume


This is how we do Halloween at Big Bash Photo!

This cute little girl loves her Wonder Woman costume. I squealed when I saw her in it.

I can’t wait to see the movie. I feel like Wonder Woman doesn’t get enough play.

We all know she’s the best superhero in the DC lineup! I’m not knocking Superman (alien!) and Batman (vigilante!)… but my girl has an invisible jet, people! I digress.


broken doll kids costume


Children love to dress up in their favorite characters. And not just for Halloween. Kids can cosplay anytime they want.

Come over and let’s play dress-up.

We photograph costume sessions year-round in our Loudoun County studio.


kids costume photography session


We’ll create for you a wonderful storyboard of kiddo in their favorite costumes while being careful not to reveal their secret identity.

Our Storyboard wall art is for people looking for something extra special to hang on their walls for their extra special children.

CONTACT us for info or to book kiddo’s session.

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