Fabric wall decal for display

How to Display Your Child’s Personality as Wall Art with the Party Box


We have a handful of fun ways to showcase your child’s wonderful and growing personality as artwork in your home.

This is The Party Box session, our signature photoshoot. We call it the cure for the common collage!


The Party Box is printed in our professional lab and is available in square sizes of 12×12 inches and larger.

You can get them in the following formats:

  • Mounted print on styrene
  • Single or double matted print, ready for framing
  • Fabric wall decal
  • Vinyl wall decal/mural



Party Box wall decal display

In our studio we have the Party Box as a 30×30 fabric wall decal.

It’s re-positionable and removable and adheres to smooth surfaces.

It’s also available as a huge vinyl wall decal that’s perfect as a mural in kiddo’s playroom or bedroom.

Fabric wall decal for display



Party Box print displayed on easel

This is a 24×24 luster print mounted on styrene and displayed on an inexpensive easel.


Mounted print on easel

Styrene is very solid and durable but surprisingly lightweight.


The Party Box for birthday dipslay

Prints on an easel is a fabulous way to display kiddo’s personality at their birthday party next to the cake table.

When the party is over you can frame it or use Command strips to hang it on the wall.


This 24×24 print of little man’s costume party is displayed in our studio on the wall using 12-pound capacity Command velcro strips, one on each top corner.


Mat colors for prints

We can also produce a single or double matted print in various colors and without a frame so you can choose a frame that matches your home’s decor/design style.


Party Box on Ikea Mosslanda ledge

We use the Mosslanda picture ledges from Ikea for temporary displays of our product samples.

These are both styrene mounted prints. That’s a 24×24 on the left and 16×16 on the right.


Mounted print on Ikea picture ledge


Let’s capture, showcase, and cherish your kiddo’s beautiful personality!



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