Spider-man party with friends

My son and his friends had the pleasure of partying with Spider-man this summer for kiddo’s 8th birthday bash.

All the title words of the Spider-Man comics… Amazing, Spectacular, Ultimate… truly apply to this extraordinary web-slinger that has infatuated my son since he was 3 years old.

Because my son is such an expert on all things Spidey, we couldn’t invite just any old costumed character in a web print suit.


Miles Morales and Amazing Spider-man

We tracked down TStunning Spidey after seeing him in action on his popular Youtube channel and booked him right away!

His name is Tyler Scott Hoover and he’s based in Baltimore, MD.

Not only is he an extremely talented performer but he’s a true Spider-man enthusiast, just like my son.


Spider-man thwip action


He showed my son his extensive Spidey suit wardrobe closet and let him choose the suits he wanted to see him wear at his party.

He chose the Todd McFarlane Spider-man suit (shown above) for his performance and the modern Amazing Spidey suit (top photo) for cake time.

Kiddo is wearing his new Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-man suit we got custom made by ZentaiZone.

Tyler’s McFarlane Spidey suit was custom made by his sponsor, The RPC Studio.


Spider-man party photos


He walks, talks, flips, and poses just like Spidey. He knows everything about Spidey right down to his subtle spider-like nuances.

Tyler is a true professional. And he’s even an outstanding dancer!


Spider-man with Miles Morales

That was the most memorable birthday party we’ve ever had.

Seeing my son with Tyler made us understand and appreciate my son’s immeasurable fascination with this comic book character.

Months after the party, he still asks when are we going to see Spidey again!


Spider-man hero friends

Miles Morales and TStunning Spidey


Here are more amazing images from our amazing Spider-man party…

Spider-man party cake

My son does not like cake.

So every year we build this birthday cake-alternative with his favorite cookies.

These are what my son calls Spider-man cookies because the fudge stripes look like spider webs.

I just buy a bunch of packages of Keebler Fudge stripe cookies and build a tower around a cake stand, then hang web-slinging Spidey figures around it.

Its always a hit!


Spider-man party perch

Spidey perches high above the party scene to check out the crowd before making his entrance.


Backyard Spider-man party

Spidey party show

Spidey meet and greet

Spidey meet-n-greet.


Spider-man Thwip-stand

Miles Morales checking out Spidey’s cool Thwip-stand.


Backyard Spider-man games

Spidey games in the backyard.

Outdoor Spider-man games


Spidey flips

Spidey flips out for the crowd. He’s an excellent gymnast!


B-Boy Spidey

Spidey is also a talented breakdancer… the Ultimate B-Boy!