Captain America and Frozen characters at a party

Spotlight on Ever Laughter Parties ~ A Costumed Character Company in the DC Metro

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We love to partner with local businesses who specialize in making children’s parties amazing and memorable.

Every month, we feature one of our recommended party vendors by tossing them 8 questions followed by a Party Lightning Round!

This week’s spotlight is on Ever Laughter Parties, a professional costumed character company in the DC Metro area.

Meet Rae, the owner!


BBP: What do you offer at Ever Laughter Parties?

ELP: We offer costumed characters, such as Princesses and Superheroes, and themed entertainment. Our most popular party packages are Princess Parties, Superhero Parties, and Spa/Makeover Parties.

BBP: Where are you located and what areas do you cover?

ELP: We just opened an office in Springfield, VA. However, we cover areas all the way from Leesburg, VA to Baltimore, MD (Although we prefer not to travel that far 🙂 )

Captain America and Frozen characters at a party

BBP: What inspired you to start a costumed character business?

ELP: I was a manager at a similar business when I attended VCU in Richmond. Instead of traveling, we had our own venue. It was this beautiful victorian house in the middle of a shopping center, and I wish we could have a place like that here! When I transferred to George Mason and moved to Fairfax I decided to keep doing what I love and start my own company. 

BBP: What sets your service apart from other local children’s entertainers?

ELP: There are several things that sets us apart from other local children’s entertainers. One main difference is that our performers are working actors who are either trained or have a degree in musical theatre/performance theatre. Everyone will get to see them in action when they perform together at our Royal Princess Ball! 

Another difference is that we include an additional staff member to assist the character(s) for every party. Since the Princess/Superhero cannot possibly handle 12+ kids on their own, the assistant will be there to help engage the kids and lead activities. With at least two people running the party, parents get to sit back and enjoy their child’s birthday. Parents tend to appreciate that 🙂

singing Frozen character

BBP: Why do kids love costumed characters so much?

ELP: Most people in the world have a favorite movie or TV character, no matter what age they are. However, children are at the age where they believe a character from a movie or TV show is real, so it means more to them. It’s adorable how starstruck kids get when they think their favorite princess traveled from their kingdom just to visit them on their birthday. 

BBP: What do you love about working with children?

ELP: Helping children (and their families) make beautiful memories is the most rewarding job. I love that we can bring families together and put a smile on their faces. I love my job!

Captain America character posing at a party.

BBP: Do you have any tips for parents on how to ensure they and their children will have the best experience possible with your performance?

ELP: We highly recommend not having more than 15 kids per character at a party. It takes away from the experience is there are 60 kids and only 1 character and an assistant. Either way, we try our best!

BBP: Do you have any special promotions you’d like to share with our friends?

ELP: We have a princess of the month every month! If you book the princess of the month, you get $25 off your party package. Be sure to check our Facebook page to see who the Princess of the Month is!


BBP: Also check out our photography specials we have exclusively for Ever Laughter clients, including a FREE fashion shoot or costume session for kiddo at Big Bash Photo.


Party Lightning Round!

Here we go.

Time for our fast and fun Party Q&A for you to answer quickly with the first response that comes to mind.

Party hats on… Ready, Set, GO!

Favorite birthday cake flavor?


Dance party or karaoke party?

Dance party

Do you consider Twister to be a game you play with friends or enemies?


Have you ever been to a birthday party for a pet?

My first pet is turning 1 years old soon and I am highly considering it!

What’s the kids song you sing when nobody is watching?

Um… all of the princess songs

Did your wish come true the last time you blew out your birthday candle?


Cake, cupcake, or cake pop?

Ooooo….. cake pop

Trick or treat?


Chocolate-chip or oatmeal-raisin?

Chocolate chip

Confetti or balloons?


Your superhero alter ego?

Wonder Woman!

Best Disney princess?

Jasmine, Mulan, and Moana are all tied for first.

If you light all the candles on your next birthday cake, will it set off the fire alarm?

I should hope not!

Can you bake a cake from scratch?

Absolutely not… but I wish

Best kids party theme you’ve ever seen?

Alice in Wonderland!

One big present or 10 small presents?

One big one

Cake & ice cream or ice cream cake?

Ice cream cake

Amusement park or waterpark?

Amusement park

Best party favor you’ve ever received?

A tiara!

Are you the oldest, the middle, the baby, or the only?


Gift or gift card?

Gift card

When was the last time you sucked helium from a balloon and talked like Donald Duck?

Like… only a few months ago


For booking and more information, visit Ever Laughter Parties at…

Phone: 703-831-2909



Instagram: @EverLaughterParties

Facebook: @EverLaughterVA



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