Superhero birthday cake

Superhero Party at Oogles ‘N’ Googles – Chantilly VA Kids Photographer

Superhero storytime at the party

Party photographer tip number 485…

When photographing a super-adorable Captain America, it is good etiquette to have the Avengers theme song playing in your head!

This little man celebrated his 4th birthday at Oogles ‘N’ Googles kids party place in Chantilly, VA.

Here are some highlights from his amazing party!

Superhero party capes for kids


Superhero birthday cake


Superhero kids flying around the room

He and all of his friends got to dress up in custom made superhero capes, search for bad guys, and fight aliens.

I love watching little boys fly around the room making superhero sounds and pretending to fight bad guys.

Flying superhero boy


Flying superheroes in the hallway


Facepainter with superhero

A true superhero must look the part.

The facepainter helped each superkid conceal their secret identity.

Superhero has his warpaint

Happy birthday, Cap!

Superhero blows out birthday candle



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