Go ahead… ask me anything!

What is Big Bash Photo?

Big Bash Photo creates lasting memories of important milestones. We are a children’s party and special event photography company in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area including Northern Virginia, Montgomery County, MD, Southern Maryland, and D.C. proper. We also offer creative studio sessions, photo booths and photography products.

Who’s the photographer?

That’s me!

I’m TC Coffey, a full-time professional photographer and the owner of Big Bash Photo, LLC.

There’s also my hubby, Steve. He’s the cute assistant / second shooter / video guy.

Where can I see samples of your work?

Get ready to smile. Click Here: kids party photography portfolio.

So, tell me about yourself?

I’m a USAF veteran and a proud military wife with a Retired USAF husband and 2 great kids. I’m a Nikon girl with a love for the color blue and a good nickname.

My favorite books are any written on the history of the English Monarchy and I am a genealogist-wanna-be which means my favorite TV shows are Who Do You Think You Are? and Finding Your Roots.

Oh, and did I mention I love a good party and cake?

Where do you shoot?

You plan the party and we take the photos. We shoot on-location and in our home studio.

What kind of photographer are you?

I’m an event photographer specializing in the important moments in a child’s life: birthday parties, holiday parties, school events, playdates, and more. I treasure the magic of childhood and love capturing this special time through photography. I am a children’s event photographer because I love children and a good party (plus chocolate cake!).

Why Big Bash Photo?

Enjoy your children’s smiles and the memory of the event and I’ll take care of the photos. You worked hard to plan a special event and Big Bash Photo can keep the celebration alive for years to come. Your memory of this important event will be filled with laughter and smiles, not running around trying to take photos. Childhood memories are invaluable – and your family will cherish these images for a lifetime. I get the photos of those happy, fast-moving, sugar-high kids. I will climb a tree to get the group shot or crawl for an hour on my knees chasing a 2-year-old superhero! As a mother these images are as valuable and important to me as my wedding photographs (if not more!) and I shoot them passion and heart.

What’s your photographic style?

I’m a photojournalistic storyteller. I love color, movement, and emotion and shoot to tell the story of an event. I’m shooting to document the story for that child’s future great-grandchildren. Which is one of the reasons why I shoot for print, specifically albums.

I shoot to engage you, make you smile and make you feel like you are still at the party. I capture feelings, connection, and reality. I strive to make images that don’t need any words to explain what’s happening in the scene.

Natural smiles are the best and I’ll do what I have to do to get the shot. I let kids do what they do best – be cute, and I do what I do best – get that special photo!

Are you strictly a natural light photographer?

I’m a professional photographer with the expertise and the equipment to photograph in all types of lighting environments ranging from bright sunlight to low, strange or no light.

I have the expertise and the equipment to photograph in all types of lighting environments from bright sunlight to low light to funky light to no light.