Transforming statutory reporting globally

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Empowering financial decision-making

In today’s fast-paced financial world, staying ahead means utilizing the right tools. Tedious and repetitive tasks shouldn’t consume your valuable time. Caseware Financials redefines the way practitioners prepare, review and deliver accurate financial statements. Say goodbye to guesswork, cumbersome documentation and the struggle to collect data.

Caseware Financials is a global cloud-based app, designed to assist organizations and accounting firms in creating professionally formatted and accurate financial statements. With its localized content, intuitive interface, automatic drafting and real-time collaboration, it’s the key to thriving in the modern accounting world.


Automated financial statement drafting

Create accurate and professional reports in just a few clicks. With intelligent automation, enhanced data integration and carry forward capabilities, you can effortlessly draft, review and deliver financial statements. Model disclosures can be tailored to help comply with IFRS and local standards.

Comprehensive review tools

Our review tools are your trusted companions in the review process. Easily reconcile data, add review notes and follow built-in content guidance to ensure the quality and accuracy of your financial statements. Simplify collaboration, all within one centralized app.

Flexible customization options

Modify financial statements, add or remove sections, embed supporting documents and adjust tables to meet your organization’s specific requirements. Deliver reports that are not only accurate but also meet your unique needs.

Intelligent file build

Optimize your workflow through the tailoring checklist and provide a concise summary of key decisions made during the preparation process. Make it easier for internal teams to track and review the decisions made and ensure transparent reporting.

Real-time collaboration

Multiple users can work on the same document simultaneously from any location with an internet connection. Enhance teamwork, review files, collaborate with colleagues and identify issues with ease. Say hello to a more connected and productive team.


Maximize your productivity

Maximize your productivity

Streamline your workflows with intelligent automation so you can focus on high-value tasks while the app handles the rest. Enjoy a more efficient and productive financial statement preparation process.
Precision at your fingertips

Precision at your fingertips

Our comprehensive review tools and cross-referencing features ensure the accuracy and integrity of your statements. Say goodbye to errors and omissions and have complete confidence in your reports.
Teamwork made effortless

Teamwork made effortless

With real-time collaboration, you can enhance the preparation process by working seamlessly with your team members and clients. Achieve excellence through teamwork.
Safeguard your data

Safeguard your data

Operate within a secure, robust cloud ecosystem designed to meet the highest security standards. Rest easy knowing your financial data is protected in today’s digital world.
Reports tailored to perfection

Reports tailored to perfection

Enjoy the flexibility to customize financial statements to match your organization’s unique needs. Stand out with reports that reflect your brand identity.
Stay up-to-date with regulations

Stay up-to-date with regulations

With built-in guidelines and model disclosures, Caseware Financials helps you remain compliant with the latest statutory reporting regulations and standards.

Supporting components

Elevate your business to new heights of success with Caseware's cutting-edge apps for financial statement preparation.

These modern apps are designed to provide global tech capabilities with local guidance to help you comply with regulatory standards, wherever you are.

  • IFRS

    Simplify IFRS compliance for corporations and accounting firms, ensuring accurate and efficient financial statements.

  • FRS 102

    Empower your teams to collaborate more effectively and produce high-quality statements for entities in line with FRS 102 standards.

Get the most out of your Caseware Financials experience

Explore these powerful cloud features that can help bring financial statement preparation into the modern age.

  • Cloud Connector

    Provide real-time data linkage between your engagement and Microsoft Excel to access trial balance data as well as engagement and firm properties.

Prepare, review and deliver accurate financials statements