Reimagining quality management for assurance and related services

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Risk-based quality management

The adoption of the new International Standard on Quality Management (ISQM) is moving accounting firms toward a modernized, risk-based approach to quality management. To bring about this change, technology is going to play an essential role.

Introducing Caseware SQM – a robust, intuitive, cloud-based system of quality management designed for progressive accounting firms. It’s easy to design, implement and manage at the firm and engagement levels, and helps practices deliver assurance services with confidence.


Built-in risk assessment process with guidance and checklists

Gain an understanding of the firm, identify quality risks, set risk assessment thresholds and assess the potential effect on the business. Proactively approach risk management by spotting potential risks before they occur and take preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of non-conformance.

Rich library of risks, policies and procedure responses

Designed and approved by a global group of industry experts in the field of quality management and assurance, SQM facilitates compliance to both global and localized quality management standards such as ISQM, SQMS, CSQM, ASQM, NIGC, etc. Ensure that your firm is equipped to address a wide range of quality-related issues.

Automated notifications delivered in real time

Get notified about staff activities and tasks instantaneously through email notifications on all changes and updates, and receive reminders about periodic tasks as per the frequency defined during the design phase. Increase efficiency and free up employees’ time and resources to focus on other important tasks.

Controlled access

Flexibility to assign access to different modules within the application based on the roles and responsibilities within the process, ensuring quality control. Reduce the risk of costly data breaches, unauthorized access to sensitive information and other security issues.


Comply with confidence

Comply with confidence

Assists with maintaining international quality management standards and reducing quality risks and stress related to regulatory inspections.
Build trust

Build trust

Improve your firm’s reputation and contribute toward enhancing the public trust in the accounting profession.
Boost efficiency and productivity

Boost efficiency and productivity

Take advantage of the intuitive quality management app to set up clear processes and responses that are documented and consistently applied.
Drive growth

Drive growth

Facilitate better practice management and drive business growth by managing risks proactively.
Ensure consistency

Ensure consistency

Build process consistency across your different practice areas and streamline accountability of different partners and staff.

Supporting tools

Elevate your Caseware quality management experience

To ensure quality assurance standards are fully met, Caseware SQM is designed with a dynamic workflow split into five modules:

  • Design

    Select relevant objectives, create your own risks, policies and procedures, schedule tasks and publish your system of quality management.

  • Operate

    Easily view the published system, including objectives, risks, policies and procedures, create new tasks and complete assigned ones.

  • Operate overview

    Get an overview of a firm’s tasks and reports and the ability to see outstanding tasks and review registers — all from one central location.

  • Monitor

    Determine the nature, timing and extent of monitoring activities that will be performed and create work programs from activities selected for testing.

  • Evaluate

    Assess the system and conclude whether the objectives are being achieved. Also get the option to identify issues and remedial actions.

Find the answers you need

Must firms have engagements in the Caseware ecosystem to use SQM?


No. Caseware SQM can be used by firms of all sizes irrespective of whether they are an existing Caseware customer or not.

Are there any benefits for a firm to have engagements in the Caseware ecosystem when using SQM?


Yes, integration probabilities within the Caseware ecosystem will allow users with SQM and Caseware engagement files to automate policy procedures and tasks based on criteria from information documented within Caseware engagement files.

Can firms in multiple geographical locations use SQM?


Yes, Caseware SQM enables users to utilize the local quality management standard applicable in their geography and includes references and content for different regions. Caseware SQM helps firms comply with the following quality management standards across the globe:

  • International Standard on Quality Management (ISQM),
  • Statement on Quality Management Standards (SQMS),
  • Canadian Standard on Quality Management (CSQM),
  • Australian Standard on Quality Management (ASQM),
  • Norma Internacional de Gestión de la Calidad (NIGC).

What if firms are doing engagements in Working Papers?


SQM is not reliant on users leveraging any particular software for engagements. Engagement files are not stored. Engagement purchases are not required.

Do firms need to be a current Caseware Cloud user to buy SQM?


Firms can still buy SQM, but they will also need to purchase Caseware Cloud licenses for the users.

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