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2023 State of Internal Audit Trends Report

Teams accelerated their technology adoption to adapt to the reality of remote work.


Internal audit processes, procedures and technology have changed significantly over the past two years as teams accelerated their technology adoption to adapt to the reality of remote work.

Caseware’s fifth-annual State of Internal Audit Trends Report examines the most important challenges internal auditors face today, including adoption of technologies like cloud and analytics, the growth of ESG auditing and talent acquisition and retention. The report’s findings are based on more than 2,300 responses from internal auditors, including directors of internal audit, heads of internal audit and internal audit managers.

Download this report to discover:

  • The top challenges for internal auditors, such as moving from manual to digital processes
  • How internal audit departments are coping with the challenge of hiring and retaining skilled talent
  • The greatest internal pressures teams face, such as proving their value to their organizations
  • How many organizations have adopted analytics solutions to assist in their audits
  • How quickly advisory services provided by internal audit teams are growing

The report also contains key insights from your peers and industry experts on the top trends and issues transforming the internal audit profession. Find out what challenges you and your team might encounter over the coming year and how other internal auditors are dealing with them.

Caseware’s 2023 State of Internal Audit Trends Report will help you understand where the internal audit profession stands today, where it is going tomorrow and offer you insight into how you can best prepare your organization for success.