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4 Ways Practice Intelligence Can Benefit Your Accounting Firm

Uncover the advantages of advanced analytics and data visualizations.


Progressive accounting practices are always seeking innovative tools, techniques and technologies to get an edge on their competitors.  

A new Caseware eBook, titled 4 Ways Practice Intelligence Can Benefit Your Accounting Practice, looks at how a concept known as practice intelligence is allowing firms to generate fresh insights with the click of a mouse by accessing a vast pool of untapped information hidden away in their current and historic engagement files. These insights, which are deeper than those delivered by traditional accounting business intelligence tools, allow accounting practices to discover new growth opportunities and drive unprecedented levels of efficiency.

Download this eBook to find out how practice intelligence:

  • Uncovers new insights about your practice through advanced accounting data analytics software
  • Allows you to deliver advisory services to your clients
  • Tracks how your clients perform against industry benchmarks
  • Helps you track engagements and improve engagement quality

Having access to insights your competitors can’t discover sets your practice up for success. Practice intelligence tools designed specifically to mine key data points from thousands of records help you find new revenue growth opportunities and offer more informed advice to your clients, positioning you as a trusted advisor.

The eBook describes how a central, cloud-based practice intelligence solution gives you a complete, up-to-date picture of business performance. This allows you to track key performance indicators, flag risks and highlight trends for business improvement – for your own practice or your clients.

You’ll also learn how practice intelligence tools help you present data in engaging ways with easy-to-create visualizations that make your findings more compelling.

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