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Change Management in Accounting and Auditing

Learn how change management principles can guide your firm into the future.


For accountants and auditors, change is everywhere: from new technologies to virtual communication methods to entirely new recruiting methods, to name but a few examples. 

For many practices, the dizzying pace of change is cause for concern, confusion and frustration. For some, the easiest approach appears to be inaction – just continue to do things as they always have been done and we should be OK. 

The stark reality, however, is that you’ll quickly fall behind in today’s ever-evolving world if you don’t embrace change. That’s why change management has become such a critical concept in the business world — and why accountants and auditors need to understand it well.

A new Caseware eBook takes an in-depth look at the concept of organizational change management and how it specifically applies to the world of auditing and accounting. Effective Change Management in Accounting and Auditing explores just what change management is, how it has evolved over time and why it can be so beneficial to practices around the world.

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  • Understanding common barriers to change
  • 10 strategies for overcoming potential barriers to change
  • Risks of not implementing a change management process
  • Four phases of organizational change management strategy
  • How to ensure success with change management software
  • Measuring the success of change management programs

This informative publication also takes a deep look at how modern technologies, such as advanced practice management software, make it easier for accounting firms to keep track of their operations while simplifying many administrative tasks so teams can focus more on client-facing activities and successfully incorporate change into their professional lives.

A key highlight emphasized throughout the eBook is that, overall, it’s important to remember that change management isn’t a one-time event. Rather, it is an ongoing process. Therefore, accounting firms and audit departments should continually assess and adjust their strategies to ensure the success of future initiatives.

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